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Canva is designed for non-designers to create professional graphics on demand it allows for custom graphs to be created with a template-based system, there is also a feature for photo editing as well as well as graphic editing, as since the graphics are made to be created on demand, you can create the digital form as well as print form in various sizes and dimensions.

The process in Canva involves working with the templates, customizing them, for your specific situation and then making them available via the output that you want.

In this course we are going to work with all of the basics of customizing the templates and then outputting them in different sizes and shapes, and when you decide to work on your mobile or desktop you’ll be in a position to know whether you want to work with the paid or upgrade version or whether you can use the free version.


Module 1 – Overview
Module 2 – Pricing
Module 3 – Mobile Application
Module 4 – Profile and Settings
Module 5 – Brand Kit – Upgrade
Module 6 – Inviting Team Members
Module 7 – Template Designs
Module 8 – Designing from Scratch
Module 9 – Sharing Content
Module 10 – Editing Designs – Elements
Module 11 – Element Menu and Text Elements
Module 12 – Background
Module 13 – Upload Your Content
Module 14 – Editing Designs -Other Content
Module 15 – Content Output – Download
Module 16 – Content Output – Presentations
Module 17 – Output Direct to Social Media
Module 18 – Output Direct to PowerPoint
Module 19 – Output Direct to Website
Module 20 – Conclusion

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