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Manychat is an application that will allow you to use Facebook messenger to build a contact list, as well as automate contacts and individuals that you work with commercially on Facebook.

The most common terminology for what Manychat does, is called building a Facebook Bot and this platform allows individuals the ability to build a bot without having to know complex coding.  It is cloud based and will allow you to send messages to subscribers, it will also allow you opportunities to create automated messages with certain autoresponders.  There is also an option that will allow you to interact using “Live Chat”.

In this course we will be looking at the basic Flow Builder, so that you will be able to use this platform to create your own Facebook BOT

We will look at the basic elements of each menu:


Module 1 Overview
Module 2 Pricing
Module 3 Account Opening and Notification
Module 4 Settings – Part 1
Module 5 Settings – Part 2
Module 6 Flows Part 1
Module 7 Flows Part 2
Module 8 Flows Part 3
Module 9 Flows Part 4
Module 10 Flows Part 5
Module 11 Sequences Part 1
Module 12 Sequences Part 2
Module 13 Sequences Part 3
Module 14 Sequences Part 4
Module 15 Rules Part 1
Module 16 Rules Part 2
Module 17 Rules Part 3 – Triggers
Module 18 Replies
Module 19 Messages
Module 20 Conclusion

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