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How to Tap the Wisdom of Your Market in All Areas of Your Business

Being a business owner is tough enough without the constant demand for new ideas, content, solutions etc. But it is also a hassle when you limit your pool of ideas to just your employees or suppliers in-house alone. This is where Crowdsourcing comes in handy. And the number of companies using it has increased in the last few years with successful business owners often looking to their market for ideas, content, solutions, and more. That’s what crowdsourcing is really about.

Crowdsourcing is a method used for getting ideas, content, solutions, or support from a group or community. Using Crowdsourcing will allow you and your business to tap into a sea of new ideas that can enhance your own and your businesses future growth and development.


Step 1 – Introduction
Step 2 – How Crowdsourcing Works
Step 3 – Crowdsourcing Content Creation
Step 4 – Crowdsourcing for Marketing
Step 5 – Crowdsourcing Designt
Step 6 – Crowdsourcing Microtasks
Step 7 – Crowdfunding
Step 8 – Crowdsourcing Tips and Best Practices
Step 9 – Crowdsourcing Mistakes to Avoid
Step 10 – Conclusion – Getting Started

Other Course Materials you will receive:

✓ Workbook
✓ Summary Checklist
✓ 15 Great Crowdsourcing Platforms
✓ BONUS – The Big List of Ideas for Using Crowdsourcing in Your Business

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