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In this tutorial we are going to go through a basic set up of Google Analytics for your site. We will start with how to begin with a new Google Analytics Account, we will be connecting your website and custom page builders.

Then we will be walking through some of the Specialized Features of Google Analytics, suck as setting up Annotations, we’ll be setting up Intelligence Events, so you can have mail sent to you when certain things happen on your site, we’ll be setting up custom segments so you can breakdown different views of your website activity.

We will then be looking at Specialized Functions of Google Analytics – we will talk about how you can export your data for further analysis, as well as setting up custom report.

We will also be talking about different integrations that you can do to extend the functionality. We will be talking about different templates that have already been created that you can use so you don’t have to create them all yourself.

We will talk about Specialized Actions which is real time reporting which allows you to see what’s happening with your site at the moment, you will see how to view this through your Google Analytics account.

You will see how to read your reports and by the time this course is over you will be able to do a basic set up and explain what’s happening in your own reports and be in a position to look at the Google Analytics Advanced course at a later stage to see more of what Google Analytics has to offer.

To login and see this course just click on the link that your Trusted Adviser sent you and then log in here scroll down to Google Analytics Basic and let us help your business grow!


Module 1 – Overview
Module 2A – Navigation and Admin
Module 2B – Navigation and Admin
Module 3 – Creating a New Account
Module 4 – Website Account Creation
Module 5 – Connecting to WordPress Website
Module 6 – Connecting to HTML Site
Module 7 – Connecting Custom age and Site Builders
Module 8 – Setting Up Annotations
Module 9 – Setting Up Intelligence Events
Module 10 – Setting Up Custom Segments
Module 11 – Export Data for Analysis
Module 12 – Set Up Custom Reports
Module 13 – Set Up Google Integrations
Module 14 – Google Analytics Templates
Module 15 – Real Time Reporting
Module 16 – Setting Up Goals
Module 17 – Third Party Integrations
Module 18 – Audience Menu Overview
Module 19 – Interests and Geography
Module 20 – Conclusion

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