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HubSpot is a customer relationship management platform where you can manage and track your customer activity on your website and throughout your social media, it provides cloud based tools, for marketing, sales & service for your customers and it’s used by both big and small companies in order to get detail analytics on customers activity

The tools include Lead generation as well as conversion tracking it also includes meeting scheduling both internally & externally as well as managing your client pipeline

It provides tools to integrate your existing customer service into the entire system so that you will get a full picture of the activity of your customers.

Using the platform you can put together both automated as well as self service solutions – the platform has a free version that you can access from the home page and we will be working with that version in this course


Module 1 – Overview
Module 2 – Account Plans and Pricing
Module 3 – Courses and Certifications
Module 4 – Account Opening
Module 5 – Importing Contacts
Module 6 – Managing Contacts and Companies
Module 7 – Connecting Teams
Module 8 – Managing your Hubspot Inbox
Module 9 – Creating a Chatflow for Messenger – Part 1
Module 10 – Creating a Chatflow for Messenger – Part 2
Module 11 – Creating Snippets
Module 12 – Creating Templates
Module 13 – Broadcast Email and Tracking
Module 14 – Connect Ad Accounts
Module 15 – Creating Lead Capture Forms
Module 16 – Managing Client Deals
Module 17 – Managing Team Activities
Module 18 – Engage your Hubspot Contacts
Module 19 – Reports and Analytics
Module 20 – Conclusion

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