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Mailchimp is designed to send email newsletters as well as manage a database of subscribers and customers. It has templates for individuals to use and automation at every level of subscription. It is used by “brick & mortar” businesses as well as e-commerce business owners.


Module 1 Overview & Pricing
Module 2 Regarding Affiliate Marketing
Module 3 Creating Lists
Module 4 Importing Contacts
Module 5 Creating Signup Forms
Module 6 Replicating and Combining Lists
Module 7 Settings Configuration
Module 8 Mailchimp Direct Integration
Module 9 Mailchimp Direct Integration with Zapier
Module 10 Securing Your Account
Module 11 Domain Verification
Module 12 Creating a Broadcast Email
Module 13 Creating Autoresponder Follow Ups
Module 14 Basic List Automation
Module 15 Campaign Creation Basics
Module 16 Creating and Using Templates
Module 17 Creating and Using Landing Pages
Module 18 Connecting Mailchimp to WordPress
Module 19 Working with Email Design and Themes
Module 20 Conclusion

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