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Paypal is a platform that allows individuals to spend in their own currency for purchases whether physical or digital. It also allows individuals to take payments online.

In recent years they have added tools for businesses as well as providing funding for future projects.
The platform offers multiple ways to get paid, both online and offline and it integrates with most 3rd party cloud-based systems.

In this course we will go through the basics of setting up the platform in order to take payment for anything that you, the Paypal user, might sell, and that includes both products and services.


Module 1 Overview
Module 2 Account Fees and Account Types
Module 3 Terms of Service
Module 4 Account Opening
Module 5 Profile Account Settings Part 1
Module 6 Profile Account Settings Part 2
Module 7 Profile Account Settings Part 3
Module 8 Funding Account Set up Part 4
Module 9 Profile Account Settings Part 5 – Setting up Payment Plans
Module 10 Adding Funds to your Paypal Account
Module 11 Requesting Funds through Paypal
Module 12 Transferring Funds through Paypal
Module 13 Sending funds with Paypal
Module 14 Mobile App Setup
Module 15 Making Payment with Paypal
Module 16 Business Set Up – Sending Invoices
Module 17 Business Set Up – Selling on a Marketplace
Module 18 Business Set Up – Selling on your Website
Module 19 Getting Help from Paypal
Module 20 Conclusion

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