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Adobe Photoshop allows you to create, design and manipulate graphics for visual and primarily promotional purposes.

Photoshop works with flat graphic images in a digital format, allowing you to customize and manipulate them and to change them into 3D level graphics.

In recent years, the application has become increasingly more intuitive and allows for people with average technical skills to be able to customize their own graphics.

So in this course, we will work with the basics of the controls and this application to show you how you can get started customizing and creating your own impact.

Once you understand a few basics, you will be able to manipulate the graphics in ways that will make sense for your business.

You will get a sense for how to work with this basic interface and see how to create a basic canvas and then work with it.

You will see how to work with shapes and then how to work with the colours.

We will also work with the basic crop tool.

You will also see how you can work with text and we’ll use two graphics in particular so you can watch the changes and notice how you can then take your own graphics to manipulate them into the ways that you want to use them and will do so with a live example as we end the course.


Module 1 – Overview
Module 2 – Pricing and Licensing Options
Module 3 – Basic File Types and Options
Module 4 – Working with the Interface
Module 5 – Working with a Basic Canvas
Module 6 – Working with Layers
Module 7 – Working with the Move Tool
Module 8 – Working with Shapes
Module 9 – Working with the Marquee Tool
Module 10 – Working with Colors
Module 11 – Working with the Paintbucket
Module 12 – Working with the Eraser Tool
Module 13 – Working with the Text Tool
Module 14 – Working with Images
Module 15 – Working with Sizing
Module 16 – Working with Transparent Layers
Module 17 – Using the Crop Tool
Module 18 – Working with Layer Styles
Module 19 – Working with Rotation of Images of Layers
Module 20 – Conclusion

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