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Shopify is a cloud-based application that allows you to build an e-commerce website, which allows you to sell either physical or digital products. This website can be used to sell either locally or internationally and gives you internal statistics on both the products and your business in its entirety. The platform has a number of different plug ins, that will allow you to integrate with 3rd party systems that are already in use and those that you determine will be necessary to grow your business.

You have full control over the look and design of your site in order to brand your business as well as to give it a unique look and feel. There are extensions that will allow you to use your Shopify business in order to do point of sale business for “pop ups” in your local area as well as using applications that will allows you to sell on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and e-bay. The set up will allow you to take credit cards and other payment methods so that you can do business online.

In this course, we walk through the basics of starting a Shopify account and getting your site set up to do business.


Module 1 – Overview
Module 2 – Pricing
Module 3 – Start Up
Module 4 – General Settings
Module 5 – Payment Methods
Module 6 – Thrivecart Integration
Module 7 – Customer Checkout Options
Module 8 – Customer Shipping Options
Module 9 – Tax Calculation and Collection
Module 10 – Customize Notifications
Module 11 – Payment Methods – PayPal Account
Module 12 – Payment Methods – Third Party Merchant – Authoris-Net
Module 13 – Account Administration
Module 14 – Legal Policy Pages
Module 15 – Product Set Up – Part 1 – Physical Product
Module 16 – Product Set Up – Part 2 – Digital Products
Module 17 – Testing Your Product Purchase
Module 18 – Customer Research
Module 19 – Customer Discounts
Module 20 – Conclusion

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