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Stripe is a payment gateway that will allow vendors to take payments online using credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other payment systems. It’s also a billing platform so that if you have subscription customers and/or customers who require an invoice, you can use Stripe to contact them and in more complex uses, Stripe can be used to pay out to 3rd parties also you can be paid by others to fund certain activities, Stripe is also looking at working with vendors to be able to issue plastic cards with currency and credits.

The company maintains compliance with all major regulations and at one time was the only payment processor that took digital currencies like Bitcoin, so in this course we will look at Stripe as a payment gateway in order to take payments for both digital and physical products that you might sell both in person and online, to do that, we will be going inside Stripe to look at the major systems that you will be able to set up so that you ca use Stripe as your own payment gateway to take payments


Module 1 – Overview
Module 2 – Stripe Pricing
Module 3 – Account Opening
Module 4 – Business Settings
Module 5 – Payout Settings
Module 6 – Security Settings
Module 7 – Stripe Checkout
Module 8 – Setting Up a Stripe Pay Button
Module 9 – Stripe Default Billing Settings
Module 10 – Stripe Radar for Fraud
Module 11 – Payments and disputes Dashboards
Module 12 – Balance, Payouts and Transaction Dashboard
Module 13 – Customer Dashboard
Module 14 – Products Dashboard
Module 15 – Mobile Access to Stripe
Module 16 – Invoicing Customers through Stripe
Module 17 – Integrating Stripe Gateway on Affiliate Networks
Module 18 – Integrating Stripe Gateway with Shopping Carts
Module 19 – Stripe Internal Integrations
Module 20 – Conclusion – Tracking

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