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Survey Money is designed for you to be able to create surveys, collect and analyze data and present that data in your organization or your business.

The application is cloud based and allows you total control over designing and creating the actual survey. You also have total control over deploying that survey to people that you want to take the survey and answer the questions.

The survey application is secure and keeps the data safe of individuals of people that take your surveys.

In this course we will explore the design and construction of an actual survey.

You will note that the company has a paid and free sign up and there are differences between the various levels.


Module 1 – Overview
Module 2 – Account Opening and Pricing
Module 3 – Referral Program
Module 4 – Survey Templates
Module 5 – Creating Surveys from Scratch
Module 6 – Using the Question Bank
Module 7 – Creating an Introductory Page
Module 8 – Creating Additional Survey Pages
Module 9 – Creating Page Breaks
Module 10 – Question Builder to Multi Choice Rating Scale
Module 11 – Question Builder Ranking to Image Choice
Module 12 – Question Builder Comment Box to Multi Text Boxes
Module 13 – Using the Question Builder
Module 14 – Using the Survey Designer
Module 15 – Using the Survey Options
Module 16 – Survey Formatting
Module 17 – Survey Preview
Module 18 – Response Collection
Module 19 – Results Analysis
Module 20 – Conclusion

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